Training for the Printing, Graphic Arts and IT industries in Western Australia.

Who are we?

The Prepress - NetMedia Training Centre is a private training centre owned and operating in Western Australian by Prepress Skills Centre Pty. Ltd. The company has a strong history in vocational education and training for the Printing, Graphic Arts and IT industries in Western Australian. Since its inception in 1995 the training centre has delivered training to many small to large businesses in Western Australia including Government, Mining, Corporate, Industry, Schools and Colleges.

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Our Guarantee

With over 20 years operating in Perth (since 1995), Prepress NetMedia Training Centre has maintained the standard for providing quality training and courses to the publishing, education, design, marketing and print industries.Our reputation allows us to provide a Money Back Guarantee should any course participant feel they have not received the training as advertised.

Changing Technology

The Graphic Arts and IT industries have seen dramatic changes occur in recent years due to advancements in technology. The production of publishing documents for paper and web distribution is almost entirely digital with current computer and software skills being increasingly in demand by the media industries. Prepress NetMedia Training Centre has always been very conscious of providing training using the latest technology and keeping abreast of the rapid changes occurring in the industry.


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