Training for the Printing, Graphic Arts and IT industries in Western Australia.


"All aspects of the course were outstanding from the centre keeping me up-to-date with course changes to the easy to follow delivery and professional and knowledgable trainers."

Sarah Rodier

"Excellent standard, teacher was extremely knowledgable and helpful "

Clare Dafforn-Smith

"Keith was very informative. He showed a lot of patience when helping me through problems, where other instructors would have become mighty frustrated. Delivery and knowledge was second to none, very impressive".

George Armstrong

"Delivery of the training - excellent. Keith was very knowledgable and great at delivering the content."

Andrea Millar

"The delivery of training was fantastic. Bernard explained things very clearly and in great detail. He was very prepared and I learnt a lot."

Kimberly Maslin

"Excellent - is helpful to have the time taken to explain the broader theory behind why you do things a certain way, instead of just being shown how to do it; I'm more likely to remember this way! The manual is a fantastic resource to take away."

Marlo Rae

"Bernard is always easy to follow and patient. As with all the courses here, I always come away with more confidence and enthusiasm for what I can do with the software. Tricks of the trade are so important to helping people do their jobs better and Bernard was full of them. Love that I can offer so much to my team from the knowledge that Bernard has given me. THANK YOU!"

Maggie Zuvela

"Delivery of the training was excellent. Bernard is clearly very knowledgeable and he explained things very well. Watching demonstrations prior to completing projects is a great idea. Then, when you come to do the task yourself you have a very clear idea of what to do and what the result should look like."

Andrea Woods

"Keith is an amazing trainer. He's very patient and explains things clearly. I like the way he methodically peels the subjects of the course"

Sandra Wang

"Excellent, very comprehensive training. Keith goes through everything at a good pace and is very clear"

Joanne McBrien

"The delivery of the training was better than I expected. Keith is an excellent communicator and has the patience of a saint."

Dale Dewhirst

"Course delivery was fantastic, well paced and easy to understand. Very impressed with the whole course, facilities and trainer alike."

Martin Freer