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Adobe Photoshop CC
(1 Day Advanced Course)

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Advance your current Adobe Photoshop skills to the next level. Learn advanced Photoshop techniques such as advanced Colour and Tone Management and Video basics in Perth.

This 1 day course is suitable for people who may have completed our Adobe Photoshop Essentials 2 day intermediate level course or who are experienced users in the program as we assume they already know all the topics which were covered during the 2 day Adobe Photoshop Essentials course.

This course will be conducted using the Photoshop CC version (Creative Cloud) but it is also suitable for people who maybe using the older CS6 (2013) version of Adobe Photoshop.

Course Timetable (all courses guaranteed to run)

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PSB327 - Friday, May 26th, 8.30am to 4.00pm - $495 + GST (includes lunch, resource files and workbook)

PSB328 - Friday, June 23rd, 8.30am to 4.00pm - $495 + GST (includes lunch, resource files and workbook)

PSB329 - Friday, July 21st, 8.30am to 4.00pm - $495 + GST (includes lunch, resource files and workbook)

PSB330 - Friday, Aug 18th, 8.30am to 4.00pm - $495 + GST (includes lunch, resource files and workbook)

PSB331 - Friday, Sept 8th, 8.30am to 4.00pm - $495 + GST (includes lunch, resource files and workbook)

Client Testimonials

The Adobe Photoshop instructor is Keith Bowley who has been delivering Photoshop training since 1994.


"Delivery of the training - excellent. Keith was very knowledgable and great at delivering the content."

Andrea Millar

All aspects of the course were outstanding from the centre keeping me up-to-date with course changes to the easy to follow delivery and professional and knowledgable trainer."

Sarah Rodier

"Very well done - very knowledgeable"

MKristien van der Spoel

"Keith was very knowledgeable and went at a pace that was good for the whole class... ie. not too fast but not too slow. He would explain things from the beginning, which gave us a better understanding of the terminology and what we were actually doing."

Lisa Ravlich

"Keith was extremely supportive and knowledgeable"

Wendy Burley

"Trainer had excellent knowledge and was a very good teacher"

Alexandra Sare

"Excellent standard, teacher was extremely knowledgable and helpful "

Clare Dafforn-Smith

"High quality, in depth training!"

Tamara Puli

"Keith is a great trainer and this course will be very useful for me in my future career."

Sarah Connett

Course Outline

Colour and Tone Management

  • Understanding colour models, viewing colour, measuring colour and evaluating colour
  • Image requirements for commercial print publishing
  • About colour management
  • Creating a viewing environment for colour management
  • Setting up colour and tone management; using predefined colour management settings; customising colour management settings; specifying working spaces
  • Soft-proofing colours
  • Changing the colour profile of a document
  • Creating profiles

Colour and Tone Adjustment

  • RGB and CMYK colour reproduction requirements; obtaining colour balance
  • Colour correction techniques (selective and global)
  • Tone reproduction techniques, Curves and Levels; highlight and shadow settings
  • Identifying out-of-gamut colours
  • Comparing corrections in CMYK and RGB
  • Using the colour adjustment tools
  • Using the Curves and Levels
  • Setting auto correction options
  • Adjustments and Properties panel
  • Dodge and Burn tool options
  • Adjustment Layers
  • Working non-destructively
  • Converting Colour images to B&W

Applying Filters

  • About plug-in filters
  • Applying filters; modifying filter effects; filter techniques
  • Sharping Filters
  • Filter groups
  • Filter Gallery


  • Using Actions; creating/recording and editing actions
  • Using and creating Droplets
  • Using the Batch command
  • Image Processor

Advanced layers, Combining and Painting Techniques

  • Advanced use of layers
  • Problem solving/editing solutions
  • Advanced painting with brushes
  • Clipping Masks

Video Basics in Photoshop

  • Loading video clips into Photoshop
  • Creating gradually fading transitions
  • Adding audio
  • Exporting the video

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course participants will be able to use Adobe Photoshop for the development of digital bitmap images to specification to suit various media requirements.

Participants will have learned the necessary technical skills and knowledge required to:

Apply Tone and Colour Adjustment and Management

Use Automation techniques

Use Advanced Composition, Masking and Combining Techniques

Use Photoshop for Video

Meet the Trainers

The trainer conducting this courses is Keith Bowley. Keith has been working in the Printing and Graphic Arts industry for over 30 years and has been training industry people in the use of Adobe Photoshop since 1993. Keith is a qualified trainer under the National Training System. Keith's knowledge and skills are not just limited to the Adobe Photoshop application, but also on how to use the program to correctly prepare digital images for various media applications, particularly those images required for use in print and web publishing. Keith also delivers training in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Animate and Adobe Muse.

Feel free to email Keith with any enquires you may have to

Note: This course does not include Camera Raw processing of files although an overview of the feature is demonstrated in the Photoshop 3 day course and the Advanced 1 day course. This course does not cover the Photoshop 3D editing functions, video editing or editing DICOM images and MATLAB processing routines.

Training Method

Prepress Skills Centre is a specialist training centre (since 1995) with many years experience in providing specialist training to both the print, web and multimedia industries.

Our computer labs are very spacious and utilise ergonomically designed computer benches and chairs. Training techniques used at the training centre include the use of a data projection screen for clear vision of demonstrations.

During the course participants will develop the skills required to complete structured exercises and workplace related projects. All techniques and skills will be demonstrated and each participant will be provided with feedback on their progress and personal attention when required. All resources are supplied including computer files and workbooks. Lunch is also provided for this course.


To undertake this course participants require basic computer skills (Macintosh or PC) with the ability to manage files and folders. This Adobe Photoshop course covers the content of the third day of the Adobe Photoshop 3 day course and is designed for people who have completed the Adobe Photoshop - Essentials 2 day training course or who have prior skills already covered at that level.


The total cost of the ‘Adobe Photoshop Advanced’ 1 day training course is $495 + GST. Payment is accepted by cash, money order, cheque or credit card (VISA or Mastercard only) and you can register now online!! Register Now »