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Adobe InDesign CC
(1 Day Advanced Course)

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Learn advanced InDesign techniques to add to your current InDesign skill set to create professional PDF publications including Hyperlinks for both print and online distribution in Perth

This 1 day course is suitable for people who may have completed our Adobe InDesign Essentials 2 day intermediate level course or who are experienced users in Adobe InDesign as we assume they already know all the topics which were covered during the 2 day Adobe InDesign Essentials course.

This course will be conducted using the very latest Adobe InDesign CC version (Creative Cloud) but it is also suitable for people who maybe using the older CS6 (2013) version of Adobe InDesign.

Course Timetable (all courses guaranteed to run)

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INDBO376 - Friday, May 19th, 8.30am to 4.00pm - $495 + GST (includes lunch, resource files and workbook)

INDBO378 - Friday, June 16th, 8.30am to 4.00pm - $495 + GST (includes lunch, resource files and workbook)

INDBO379 - Friday, June 30th, 8.30am to 4.00pm - $495 + GST (includes lunch, resource files and workbook)

INDBO380 - Friday, July 14th, 8.30am to 4.00pm - $495 + GST (includes lunch, resource files and workbook)

INDBO381 - Friday, July 28th, 8.30am to 4.00pm - $495 + GST (includes lunch, resource files and workbook)

INDBO383 - Friday, Aug 11th, 8.30am to 4.00pm - $495 + GST (includes lunch, resource files and workbook)

INDBO384 - Friday, Sept 15th, 8.30am to 4.00pm - $495 + GST (includes lunch, resource files and workbook)

INDBO385 - Friday, Sept 22nd, 8.30am to 4.00pm - $495 + GST (includes lunch, resource files and workbook)

Client Testimonials

The Adobe InDesign instructor is Bernard O'Hara who has been delivering InDesign training since 2002.


"The delivery of training was fantastic. Bernard explained things very clearly and in great detail. He was very prepared and I learnt a lot."

Kimberly Maslin

"Excellent - is helpful to have the time taken to explain the broader theory behind why you do things a certain way, instead of just being shown how to do it; I'm more likely to remember this way! The manual is a fantastic resource to take away."

Marlo Rae

"Bernard is always easy to follow and patient. As with all the courses here, I always come away with more confidence and enthusiasm for what I can do with the software. Tricks of the trade are so important to helping people do their jobs better and Bernard was full of them. Love that I can offer so much to my team from the klnowledge that Bernard has given me. THANK YOU!"

Maggie Zuvela

"Delivery of the training was excellent. Bernard is clearly very knowledgeable and he explained things very well. Watching demonstrations prior to completing projects is a great idea. Then, when you come to do the task yourself you have a very clear idea of what to do and what the result should look like."

Andrea Woods

"Training was deliverd really well that's why I come back here all the time"

Patricia Carver

"Training style was excellent, and I learned so much about the printing process which will really help me to get things right when designing material for professional printing. Loved the way that Bernard stepped us through the examples before we tried them ourselves"

Nikki van Ierland

"Excellent. Small class size allows for interaction between lecturer and students. A large amount of content was covered. At other courses that I have done I walk away thinking I have learned nothing. Not this one!"

Lesley McNeil (WACRRM)

I feel this course was beneficial and professionally presented in all areas. I am particularly impressed with Bernard's knowledge of the topic and the easy-going, easily explained manner in which information was delivered. It was great that attendees did not feel isolated from each other within the group, irrespective of prior experience with the package.

Sarah Resnik

Course Outline

Document Setup

  • Correct document setup, best practice
  • Templates - creating and saving a DL Brochure 'Template'
  • Working with document bleed

Working with Text

  • Advanced Character and Paragraph Styles
  • Nested Text Styles creation
  • Working with 'Text on a Path'
  • Working with 'Text Wrap' features


  • Working in Colour
  • Creating Pantone (spot)
  • CMYK (process) colours
  • Swatches, Gradients, Tints, Swatch libraries

Working with Objects

  • Using 'Align' and 'Pathfinder' techniques

Advanced Tips & Tricks

  • 'Style Mapping' of Microsoft Word Styles
  • PDF Security; Bookmarks and Hyperlinks
  • Embedded and Anchored Objects
  • Advanced text formatting explained such as Glyphs, Nonbreaking Space, Nonbreaking Hyphen etc. etc
  • Footnotes and their options
  • 'Keep Options' explained
  • 'Paste Into' command
  • Picture colouring in InDesign
  • The 'Story Editor'
  • Advanced 'Layer' options
  • Compound Paths
  • Managing Table Stroke and Fill options
  • 'Pathfinder' techniques
  • Plus, many, many more advanced Tips & Tricks

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course participants will have learned the necessary technical skills required to create full colour, multiple page computer generated digital artwork for print using Adobe InDesign CC. (Note - this course is also suitable for users of older versions of InDesign such as InDesign CS6)

Participants will have learned the necessary technical skills and knowledge required to:

Produce documents to specifications

Apply Advanced Text Editing and Formatting technques with Character and Paragraph Styles

Advanced work with Design Objects and Graphics

Use Colour effectively and to specification

Applying Output Adjustments and to Specification

Use Advanced Document Creation and Editing techniques

Meet the Trainers

The trainer conducting this course is Bernard O’Hara (Adobe Certified Expert). Bernard has been working in the Printing and Graphic Arts industry for over 30 years and has been training industry people in the use of page layout applications for over 20 years. Bernard’s knowledge and skills are not just limited to the Adobe InDesign application, but also on how to use other programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshopand Adobe Acrobat to correctly prepare digital artwork for various media applications in print.

Feel free to email Bernard with any enquires you may have to

Training Method

Prepress Skills Centre is a specialist training centre (since 1995) with many years experience in providing specialist training to both the print, web and multimedia industries.

Our computer labs are very spacious and utilise ergonomically designed computer benches and chairs. Training techniques used at the training centre include the use of a data projection screen for clear vision of demonstrations.

During the course participants will develop the skills required to complete structured exercises and workplace related projects. All techniques and skills will be demonstrated and each participant will be provided with feedback on their progress and personal attention when required. All resources are supplied including computer files and workbooks. Lunch is also provided for this course.


Participants should be regular users of Adobe InDesign and should be familiar with the course topics covered in our 2 day Adobe InDesign - Essentials course in order to successfully complete this 'Advanced' course.


The total cost of the ‘Adobe InDesign CC Advanced’ 1 day training course is $495 + GST. Payment is accepted by cash, money order, cheque or credit card (VISA or Mastercard only) and you can register now online!! Register Now »